Lilyfield Townhouse - Image 1

An enchanting renovation, extensions and garden room with new landscaping.

A whimsical view of our design in Sydney’s Lilyfield. ⁣Bringing some cheer to a dark little home, this design opens up the house to bring in the light and pushes outwards through a number of extensions to create much needed space. These include a window box from one of the bedrooms to create a seating area with a view to the garden and drawers for storage underneath; a new bathroom 'box' roof addition to allow for a large bathroom with a skylight over a double shower in what was once an area with very low head height; a mezzanine level above a study space to create a bed deck with windows in a new pop-up section of roof; and the extension into the balcony space along with the area underneath to create habitable spaces with flexibility due to the indoor/outdoor nature of the glazing design.

We're enhancing the relationship with the garden and areas of planting by encouraging green space to enter the dwelling both visibly and literally; creating shelves under skylights on which to place lots of plants, a planter box on the balcony which acts as a secondary privacy screen, a planter bed in the space below the balcony to bring the planting close to the living area, another planter in the deck outside the shower room for additional privacy and filtered light through leaves entering the space, planting all along the boundary to create a green view from the living space, and a new central planter to enjoy a sculptural fruiting tree as a focus of the outdoor space, with planting around it at the base.

At the bottom of the garden is a new 'garden room' with a green roof which can be used as an office and a separate space for storage of bikes and garden equipment.