We are passionate about residential design, how our environment influences the way we live, work and feel, and how to combine the human scale with the tactile nature of a home. 


Our design approach is project specific, tailored to the individual client and site. Our buildings are intelligently crafted to create beautiful, sustainable and timeless design. 

Prior to starting her own practice, our Director Katherine gained extensive experience across the industry in Sydney in a variety of prestigious positions since 2008. Her approach is nurturing and joyful and seeks solutions that surprise and delight. She believes an architect should deliver unique and exciting designs that wouldn't have existed without their involvement, on budget and on time.

Through cohesive architectural, landscape and interior design we bring warmth and joy to each space. An element of fun and contemporary design merges with a focus on relaxation, and comfort. With an awareness of the surroundings and the way sunlight enters the building, we sculpt our architecture to positively influence the way inhabitants feel and function. 

From conception to completion, we work with you in a collaborative and supportive way to deliver your unique and inspired home.

Katherine obtained a world-class education, which included teachings respecting Christopher Alexander’s significance of creating journeys and the importance of thresholds, Juhani Pallasmaa’s architecture of the senses, the sculptural work of Eduardo Chillida investigating positive and negative space, Álvaro Siza Vieira’s transformation of reality, Carlo Scarpa’s celebration of water and Marc Augé’s sense of place, in the quirky British 80s and 90s! She then moved to Sydney in 2008 to seek out a freedom of expression in her architecture, epitomised by the Australian approach.

"I’ve found that when people ask me to describe why I’ve made certain design decisions it's usually because they purposefully elicit an innately positive response in the user. Through the use of colour, materiality or texture, volume, quantity of light or otherwise, our designs could be fun in the sense of playful, immersive spaces or forms that affect one’s mood positively in subtle ways, or allow a person to be calm or tranquil, or thoroughly uplifted. We can achieve this through the thoughtful use of architecture, a combination with nature or landscape, and an intricately considered interior."

"I grew up around people who were always making things by hand, tending to a garden, and had my eyes opened to the wonders of the natural world; so that might be why I’m drawn to craftspeople, handmade finishes, and nature. I’m conscious of a need to be practical as well as curious, and to connect with our environment."

"I don’t design just to construct a fun shape, there has to be a human experience behind the decision for any form, a true benefit to the person using the space, otherwise it misses the mark for me. To feel like I’ve arrived at the correct design outcome for the project’s individual set of circumstances, it needs to do a number of things, to be beautiful but perform intentionally. It needs to invite movement through the spaces by imbuing a sense of inquisitive intrigue for the visitor, pose moments of pause to enjoy a framed view or a sense of calm embodied by an area of dappled shade for instance, where grasses rustle in the wind, or a cool tropical garden space, or where sunlight is guided through an opening onto a stone or timber surface. It also needs to provide an ease of functionality to task spaces, ensure natural air quality and temperature are regulated for comfort, connect to nature without trying to mimic it, and leave the occupant with enjoyable spaces that meet their needs and exceed expectations. One should have an intrinsic sense of joy just by being in that space."